Braylyn “Resko” Stewart

Classically trained and naturally gifted artist born in Youngstown Ohio in the 80s. He experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall as a child in Germany and it triggered a love for graffiti and public art. Moving back to the states in the late 80s his family settled in Louisville along with other members already living in the city. He has been doing art for and around the city for over 15 years accumulating in over 60 permanent murals and a number of commissioned works sold across the country. He also is a full time tattoo artist/ co-owner of NorthStar Tattoo Company in New Albany Indiana where he works alongside Ryan Sexton and the Owner Henry Bachman. He can be reached via Instagram @reskotattoo @resko_cma @northstartattooco

JessiKay Graham

Female Louisville Local Henna Artist, Activist, Muralist, Henna Educator. @jessikay1991 JessiKay is originally from Philadelphia, but then was relocated to Kentucky at age 8. The contrast of city life, on vacations to see family, paired with farm life at home had helped her to find inspiration for new unique pieces. Henna is her biggest joy and she volunteers her time to educate others about it’s diverse cultural background and beauty.

Kacy Jackson

Kacy Jackson, international artist based out of Louisville, KY. Recognized as a multidisciplinary artist.


Kash is a painter from Ohio and currently based out of Southern Indiana. He utilizes imagery pulled from popular culture, graffiti, Abstract Expressionism, and 90’s nostalgia that are heavily recognizable with the intention of connecting a swath of viewers. Self taught, and having been practicing art on his own for his entire life, he is working to create commercial art for everyone.